Congratulations Class of 2016!!!


We hope the students of FVHS had a fantastic time at Grad Night. On their graduation from high school, we aimed to send them off safely and with the fondest memories. May they always be wonderful alumni to their alma mater and represent Fountain Valley in the best light as they move forward.

Thank you to all of the amazing and dedicated volunteers that worked tirelessly this entire year but also, in particular, this last week to provide the graduates of 2016 with an amazing night!

And thank you to all the terrific donors who sent us tickets, money, gift cards, baskets, drinks, candy and tons of food! We couldn’t have done it without your support!

Be sure to check out the pictures that we’ll be uploading all night long here on our website by clicking here.

And finally, please don’t let your commitment to FVHS Grad Night end with the graduation of your child. Please consider donating or volunteering in the years to come for such a deserving cause, a cause that’s right here in your community. Let’s keep this tradition going for years and years to come!