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Only Six More Days Until Grad Night 2019!

June 7th, 2019|Comments Off on Only Six More Days Until Grad Night 2019!

Where will you be this weekend? Hopefully at FVHS giving just a little of your time to help make Grad Night 2019 an amazing event for our Graduates. After months of preparation now comes the time to call upon family and friends to help put all our planning into action. It truly takes an army of volunteers [...]

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Be a Part of Grad Night

FVHS parents have been providing our graduating seniors with a safe, sober, and unforgettable celebration on the night of their high school graduation for over 25 years; statistically one of the most dangerous nights of a young person’s life. It’s a time that they’ve been working towards for 12 long years and they’re ready to celebrate, but sadly, many teens’ graduation celebrations turn out to be a life-changing tragedy.

This party is monumental! Planning to keep 600-800 students fed and entertained ALL NIGHT is no easy task. Unlike other school events, Grad Night can’t be planned one year at a time with new parents taking on the job just during their children’s senior year. We’re always looking for freshman, sophomore and junior parents to play a key role in continuing this tradition.

It may not be your child graduating this June, but if you want to see this great tradition continue, we need your help. Not only will your child have a wonderful time on their Grad Night, but you’ll also be helping to provide a safe and sober night of celebration for future FVHS graduates.

Please click here for information on ways to help.  Future meeting dates and location can be found in our calendar.

Year After Year, These Generous Local Businesses Have Helped Feed Our Grads All Night Long!