Where will you be this weekend? Hopefully at FVHS giving just a little of your time to help make Grad Night 2019 an amazing event for our Graduates. After months of preparation now comes the time to call upon family and friends to help put all our planning into action. It truly takes an army of volunteers to make a celebration of this size happen! We need so many more to help than just parents of seniors. We need parents of all grade levels, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and neighbors. The construction begins tomorrow, with work continuing right up to when Grad Night begins on Wednesday. Please consider giving even just an hour of your time to help out. Food and drinks will be provided for all our wonderful volunteers.

Grad Night Set Up & Construction Schedule

Saturday June 8th, 9am to 1pm
Pull items out of Conex Boxes for walls and construction
Moving items from Cardio to Conex Boxes
Build Laser Tag Walls in Cardio Room
Assemble Graduate Bags in Faculty Dining Room Lounge
Hot gluing some decoration items

Saturday June 8th, 3pm to 8pm
Set up the Cardio Room for Laser Tag

Tuesday June 11th, 9am to 9pm
Pull items out of Conex Boxes for decorations to bring to Cafeteria
Set up starting at 12pm for Casino and Senior Wall
Decorate Cafeteria for Casino, Walls covered, Ceiling covered
Senior Wall plastic goes up
Start pulling 167 chairs and 104 tables and labeling for vendors and places
Prize table set up
Pull EZ Ups and decorate
Game Booths being dropped off and will need to be set up starting at 12pm

Wednesday June 12th, 9am to 8:30pm (Really Crucial Time)
*** No Senior Parents after 12pm ***
Tables and tablecloths for Food go up, soda station set up with ice
Unload prizes and take to Cafeteria
Finish up in Cafeteria
12pm – move EZ Ups and set into place
12pm – Senior Parents Leave – Go celebrate your students!!!
2pm – Fire Inspector comes
Sound system, power, cords put down and taped, generators come in
Food set up
STAR gets put into place
Banners get put into place in the flower beds
Tables and chairs into position for EZ Ups, Casino, Hypnotist and game booths
Finish Props for Game Booths
Set up the entrance to Grad Night with fluff
Barricades go up by Security

Thursday June 9th, 3am to 12pm
Clean Up – all gets put away until next year

Lots of Late Night Shifts Still Need to Be Filled!
It takes a lot volunteers to make this a fantastic event that our Grads will always remember and we can’t run attractions that don’t have volunteers. Please forward this email on to your family, friends and neighbors in an effort to fill all positions and keep this party going strong all night. Click here to visit all our online sign-ups.

And Finally…
Another gigantic THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has so generously donated drinks and candy! But… Unfortunately, we’re still in need. We’re happy to say that we now have plenty of bottled water, but we still need soda, sports drinks and bite sized candy. Donations can be dropped off ANYTIME at the Fountain Valley Fire Station. (Directly across from FVHS on Bushard) No need to bother the firefighters, just leave your donations under the covered area in front of the Fire Station.
Please donate if you can!

Thank you for your continued support of this special event for our 2019 Grads!