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Our Board & Chair Position Directory

(Updated April 2018)

Executive Board

President/Media • Kim Boomer
Vice President/Publicity • OPEN
Treasurer • Terry Norris
Secretary • Melissa Garcia

Chair Positions

Bags • Mariea Holland
Casino Pit Boss • Karl Bewley
Clean-Up Chair • OPEN
Construction Co-Chair • Kevin Mack
Construction Co-Chair • OPEN
Decorations Co-Chair • Alaina Hougen
Decorations Co-Chair • Stephanie Vogen
Dine Outs • Michelle McNeill
Donations • Erin Volz
Electrician • OPEN
Entertainment Co-Chair • Jackie Pennella Looking for Someone to Shadow Jackie This Year!
Food Co-Chair • Marlene Weinberger
Food Co-Chair • OPEN
Game Booths • Sharon Bailey
Mug Sales • Laura Calnon
Nurse • Joan Pritchard
Photography Co-chair • Michelle McNeill
Photography Co-chair • Michelle Mann
Prizes • Jen LeBaron
Security • OPEN
Tickets & Registration • Chris Bald Looking for Someone to Shadow Chris Next Year!
Volunteer Coordinator • Sonia Lujano Looking for Someone to Shadow Sonia This Year!
Webmaster • Melissa Bernardin Looking for Someone to Shadow Melissa This Year!