Grad Night Boosters of Fountain Valley High School
The By-Laws

I.  NAME – The name of the organization shall be the Grad Night Boosters of Fountain Valley High School and referred to as the Grad Night Committee.

II.  PURPOSE – The purpose of the Committee is to sponsor, plan, design, construct, promote, and monitor an on-campus celebration of the student’s graduation. It is to ensure a safe and sober, drug and alcohol-free environment open only to those Seniors who have actually graduated that day.

III.  OFFICERS – The officers shall be President/Co-President, Vice President(s), Secretary and Treasurer. President-Emeritus allow for the orderly continuation and change over for a period of one year. Normally filled by immediate Past President. There may at times be more than one Officer but it is dependent upon the needs of a particular year.

IV.  ELIGIBILITY – Any person maybe elected to serve in any office for the term of one year. The office of the President should be held by a parent who has a student at the school. A person may serve for more than one year by being a Co-President for up to a three year total. Other offices have no such limitation.

V.  COMMITTEES – There shall be a variety of standing committees such as Bingo, Food, Construction, Decorations, Donations, Entertainment, Medical, Prizes, Tear-Down, Publicity, Security, and Tickets. Others may be added as needed.

VI.  ELECTIONS – Officers for the coming year shall be nominated and elected at our June meeting. The term would run from July 1 until the following June 30. (It must be noted that getting people to serve as officers is difficult and the process may require more time than outlined above.)

VII.  MEETINGS – Monthly meetings will be held during the school year in the first week of the month allowing for changes as needed. Meetings can be added as required. There will be an annual meeting required of all Senior parents each Spring. Roberts Rules of Order, Revised shall govern the operation and procedure of each meeting.

VIII.  FINANCES – All monies collected from donations and ticket sales shall be used solely for the funding of the event itself to cover all expenses incurred or maybe so in the future. We are governed by the tax laws for non-profit organizations as is detailed in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

IX.  DISSOLUTION – In the event the Committee agrees to disband or is required to do so by the dictates of the District, any and all funds remaining after all debts are paid shall be given to the Foundation for the benefit of all students.

X.  ADOPTION – These By-Laws were reviewed, revised and adopted on September 2, 2015. They should be reviewed every three years and sent to Community Resources Coordinators office.

Submitted by Mary Curry, President and Vicki Bandurian, Treasurer after their adoption.