What FVHS Grads Say About Grad Night

Fountain Valley GradNight is unique and adds great memories for our grads that they will not forget.

Here are what they said:

“Grad Night was such a fun experience.  I love that everything there was FREE once you were inside.  There was always something to do and all the prizes were fantastic.  All the entertainers were fun and exciting, but my favorite was the hypnotist.  Everything was well organized and I wish I could do it ALL over again.”
Lexie MacDonald, Class of 2019

“Grad Night is the night at the end of school year for seniors to enjoy on campus with all their friends over night.  It’s a great opportunity to spend one last night with all your friends.  It ends with everyone sitting in the bowl one last time like we did so many times in the last four years.  It’s a great send off for us to sit together and laugh together and end the night”
Elisabeth Luna, Class of 2019

“You are just super in the moment.  You are present, engaged and you are just having a good time with your friends.”
Bobby Kelley, Class of 2018

“Being able to go to Grad Night as a way of ending essentially the last four years of high school is definitely a great surprise.”
Cathy Bui, Class of 2017